Nobody likes to have a double chin, as it makes your appearance unattractive. The good news is, there is a treatment available in the form of chin liposuction surgery in Surat to get rid of double chin. This treatment removes the excess skin tissues that form the double chin and improve the appearance of the face, by making it more attractive.

Before the effectiveness of liposuction became popular, the common procedures performed for reducing the size of the double chin were a facelift and chin tuck surgery. While both procedures work, there are currently less invasive procedures with quicker recovery periods that are more beneficial. Besides rapid recovery, scarring is also minimal and the effects of the treatment are visible sooner.

What does chin liposuction surgery involve?

Chin liposuction surgery not only works to remove the fat in the double chin, but also results in tighter chin and neck skin. Liposuction Surgery in Surat is the safest among all the places in India. A local anesthesia is used before the procedure. During the procedure, small incisions are made in the chin with very thin surgical instruments or cannulas made of titanium or stainless steel.

This minimizes the trauma to the skin and tissue as there is negligible bleeding. The incisions are almost invisible because of the size of the instruments. The extra fat from the neck region is removed through the incisions and simultaneously the skin is also tightened. Sometimes, a chin strap is recommended for three or four days after the procedure to help the recovery process. Since the procedure avoids general anesthesia, the trauma and consequences associated with it are absent. People who undergo the procedure can return to their normal routine the next day, while some prefer to wait until they are completely healed.

Laser liposuction technique

A new technique called laser liposuction is popularly used to reduce the size of double chins. The entire process takes about an hour, using local anesthesia. This is more effective than traditional chin liposuction surgery. It is ideal as a weekend procedure since you can return to work on Monday as usual. In laser liposuction, a laser fibre is inserted under the skin. This generates heat that dissolves the accumulated fat, while tightening the skin. The melted body fat is suctioned out easily in the form of a thin liquid. Laser liposuction is less painful than traditional liposuction and is often used for sculpting other areas of the body which have excess fat.

Performed by a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, chin liposuction surgery improves your overall appearance as it makes you feel much younger and lighter, while getting rid of your double chin. To decide if this procedure is right for you, it is best to consult with an experienced physician to understand exactly what is involved.

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